Plant Healing Energy and processes to getting back to Self

🌿I always go back to Mama Earth and plants when my Soul needs nurturing and healing. As an Earth sign, this makes me feel good and harmonizes energies environmentally for me. Looking forward, after the Renaissance Faire, tomorrow to visit a few Garden Nurseries. I received some awesome recommendations as well. Thank you.☺️🌿.


🌿Additionally, going on a vegan food journey and health detox & cleansing. For the record, I AM NOT vegan lol. But since I was 16 years old I do this for my body when I feel it needs a reset, physically & energetically. I've always done this over the years. It feels like a soul cleansing or purging. I guess that's the only way I can explain it. Cooked vegan and predominantly raw diet. Light needs to come in💛. I guess its Intuitive Eating. It just all compliments the healing process. Especially going into therapy to process the trauma I've survived from. I'm so blessed to have my Mother here and to be able to share this life experience. She's leaving soon, I appreciate her so goddamn much🥰💐

🌿Im very resilient. I got this💛

💛Stay Blessed💛


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