Filipino Pork Adobo

 For Mothers Day I decided to make a cultural traditional dish. Pork AdobošŸ˜Š

My Mothers palate when it comes to Filipino food is discerning. Cooking is my passion and love. Its my way of showing how much I love you. And as children no one can re-create childhood foodie classics made by your Mother. 

I did. Proud of this. Stewed slowly for 3 hours, ingredients to precision. Served my Mother, she giggled and said, " We are both Mothers, you are serving me like a Queen!". That we are. Generational energy is brought down to us. And we pass it to our children.

 After Mother...calm & relaxed takes her last bite...then tells me..."Oh wow, best pork adobo I ever had, truly Tish, just wow".  Love is the secret ingredient. I mastered the Art of taste and cooking culturally. 

My daughter...had secondsšŸ„°

We are all born with great strengths and gifts. I hope I can only portray this in my Vlog coming soon.

Never let people put you down. Keep your heart shining bright & yellow. If you are a good person and do good- It will always go back to you.

My dish. I added green olives, quail eggs and off camera green onions. That's how I enjoy my Pork AdobošŸ„°


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